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The goal of every public relations firm is to build, maintain, and protect their clients’ brands. Through various approaches, we build long lasting relationships with media and the public, shaping how your brand is perceived and valued.

KBru Comm services include but are not limited to:
•    Public Relations and/or Social Media consulting
•    Social Media Creation, Maintenance, Promotions and Analytics
•    Press Release Creation and Distribution to Key Media Members and Sports Car Partners
•    Media Booking and Relations
•    Event Activation: Autograph Sessions, VIP Tours, Garage Tours, Fan Interaction, Public Appearances

•    Hero Card and Fan Giveaway Mailings

•    Graphic Design
•    Website Content Consulting and Creation

Breaking news, Event reports

Press Releases

While the relevance of traditional forms of media such as press releases is fading, they’re still important to a well-rounded public relations program. Through our distribution services, we provide timely, informative, press releases to our contact list of industry professionals.

Live updates, content sharing

Social Media

We keep your fans and customers updated with live updates, and behind the scenes content, and most importantly, interacting and building relationships. We strive to continuously be on the forefont of the evolution of social media, implementing our own unique ideas in the content we share. We keep a close eye on analytics to see what trends work best for your brand.

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Media Bookings and Event Activation

Looking for someone on the ground to coordinate autograph sessions, appearances, meet & greets, and herding cats? No problem!

Interview Coordination

We work with team management to ensure media appointments fit seemlessly into schedules, ensuring no important obligations are missed.

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Media Notes

Not every happening is worth a press release, so we provide media members with important notes to help in coverage of our messaging.

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Tours and Meet & Greets

Whether you have VIP guests, want to allow some access to race fans, or have an off site appearance, we not only help organize, but stay on the ground to ensure everything flows smoothly, and guests feel valued.

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Driver Herding

Events can be chaotic, but we keep your drivers on task with autograph sessions, meet and greets, interviews and podiums, making sure everyone is on location and on time.

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Fan Giveaways

We love giving back to race fans. As long as our brands are able to provide us with goodies, we’re happy to handle the logistics of all giveaways, including hero cards, running contests, contacting the winners, and shipping the prizes.

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Graphic Design

Here are some samples of designs we have previously provided to our clients

What We Don’t Do

As you can see, public relations covers a lot of ground, and for people outside of PR, it’s very easy to have misconceptions about what our field is or does. Since we are a communications company that focuses solely on PR, here’s a few things that often get requested, but we do not to provide.

Sponsorship or Fundraising

Sponsorship is its own full time job, and requires unique experience and specific credentials to find the large amounts of funding that so many programs need. While we’re happy to pass along any and all leads that may come our way, our area of business remains in public relations.

Fishing Expeditions via Press Releases

To maintain our level of credibility with our network of media members, our press release distribution services are reserved for breaking news, event reports, and team newsletters. Non-news requests with the goal of fishing for customers or funding will be declined.


While we do not provide hospitality services, we would be happy to provide you with recommendations for hospitality specialists, vendors, and caterers for your event needs, so that we may continue to keep our focus on the quality of our public relations programs.

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