Pirelli World Challenge Race 1 Quotes

Pirelli World Challenge Race 1 Quotes

April 25, 2015 0

Robert Thorne // #6 K-PAX Racing with Flying Lizard Motorsports McLaren 650S GT3
Started from Garage // Finished P13 // Will start Race 2 in P1
Great race. With our situation of what happened this morning, and with our penalty from Long Beach, I think we got everything out of that race that we could. We pushed really hard at the beginning. First, K-PAX Racing with Flying Lizard Motorsports, everyone, amazing job getting the car ready. I think we had 10 seconds to spare to pull out and roll out right in front of the race leaders, and stay on the lead lap to race our way all the way back up to 13th. Excellent effort by everyone. The car was perfect. We had the fastest lap of the race by a good margin and we’ll be on pole for tomorrow. I feel bad for Kevin, who I believe had the same issue in the race as I had in the morning. But I’m sure we’ll get the car fixed up and we’ll both be ready to go in the morning.

Kevin Estre // #9 K-PAX Racing with Flying Lizard Motorsports McLaren 650S GT3
Started P13 // DNF // Will start Race 2 in P6
It was a hard race for us here. We started P13, and I had a good start. I improved some positions and worked my way up to P8. I had a nice fight with Ryan Eversley. Everything was going good, and I finally passed him. It was then that we had a problem with the car. It’s a shame because it’s a DNF and we lose a lot of points. The lap time for tomorrow’s race is not too bad. We definitely have a car to do better because I was stuck in traffic. Not a good race, but we showed the performance was there in clean racing.

Darren Law // Program Manager
It was a tough race for us, with the #9 car of Kevin. We had a mechanical issue that took us out of the race, and that made it hard on us for points. We had a similar issue on the #6 car this morning and are trying to narrow down what the issue is. We’ll get it fixed and have both cars running tomorrow. We are really proud of Robert. He had a great drive.  He was clean and made no mistakes and turned the fastest lap of race.

Ryan Dalziel // #31 EFFORT Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R
Started P9 // Finished P5 // Will Start Race 2 in P7
I think we technically finished 4th. We’ll have to see, because clearly it looked like O’Connell jumped the restart. We had a good, solid day for the team. We’ve had a rough week since Long Beach. I really wish we hadn’t gone yellow at the end today. Both Michael and I could have had a solid 4th and 6th, but for a track that is not going to favor a Porsche, we did the best we can. We took points off Baretta, who is keen in the championship, and continue to keep the EFFORT cars up front.

Michael Lewis // #41 EFFORT Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R
Started P3 // Finished P13 // Will start Race 2 in P11
It’s been an interesting day. We were fighting up towards the front, having a good race. My teammate Ryan was really fast and moving up through the pack. We were running single in the top five for a while and everything was cool. There were nice battles all over the track, and periodically after the restarts too. We didn’t finish the race because the left rear went flat. Maybe it was because of debris, maybe it was contact. I’m not sure yet. IT was really unfortunately that there was one more green flag lap because I felt the tire going away under the last caution. I was praying we would finish under yellow. It would have been really bad for me to keep going, so I pulled out of the way. Interesting day. Car is okay, and so we’ll just try to do it again tomorrow. Hopefully we have a good start and try to do it again.

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