Matt Bell Continental Tire GS Pole Position Quote

Matt Bell Continental Tire GS Pole Position Quote

May 2, 2015 0

Matt Bell // Stevenson Motorsports //No. 9 Camaro Z/28.R
Qualified P1 // Best time of 1:35.765 (+0.259)
I think we really hit the timing on this on the money. Everyone behind me didn’t have the track position and had to deal with cars heating up the track in front of them. It doesn’t sound like it happens, but it definitely does. The more rubber you’re putting down in front of somebody, the worst traction they’re going to have. On a track like this, it’s very greasy and slippery. For us to be able to get out in front and put down my lap and call it a day is exactly what we needed to do. We got really lucky. The car was already falling off on lap two. The guys did an incredible job. I was a little slow today and yesterday, and didn’t get too many laps with the red flags. As happy as I am with my performance, I’m just a small part of this team. The guys did a phenomenal job. They gave me a car that I needed, and I’m very confident that they’ll bring the car that I’ll need tomorrow as well.

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