Magnus Racing Gives Thanks, Spills the Tea on Team’s Future

Magnus Racing Gives Thanks, Spills the Tea on Team’s Future

December 7, 2021 0

As all of us at Magnus Racing gathered for Thanksgiving dinner, we counted our blessings. The 2021 race season is over (hallelujah)! We’re grateful for the great work of this season’s partner, Archangel, and we appreciate the crew and team of Magnus with Archangel and the Acura NSX GT3 after what was a tough season. Though we lacked the results we wanted, we tried and tried again. Finally, in November at Petit Le Mans, we made it to the final laps of the year, finished sixth, and the Acura was in great condition. So there’s that. However, it still doesn’t reflect the hardworking, fun crew we spent the year with, so a big thank you to each and every one of you who made this season possible! We can’t finish out the year without recognising your efforts.

As the leaves fall from the trees and frost begins to take over, we wax nostalgic for the days of yore. If you’re a fan of Magnus Racing, you know we’re not afraid to try new things. At the same time, we also miss the comforts of the old times. So, in that spirit, we’re getting the band back together, Well, some of them. Those who aren’t traitors (you know who you are, Yoko), and some new great additions too. We’re ready for some hearty competition and some classic Magnus bad humour. And with that, we’re excited to announce our epic new name for 2022:

Magnus Racing.

Yep. That’s it. Just Magnus Racing, the OG. We’re taking back the reins, and maybe we’ve aged a little bit, but like a fine wine, right? Right. To keep it fresh, not too oaky in flavor, and with lots of options for good old-fashioned British humour, you’ll find us next year in an Aston Martin.

So join us. Kick back with some tea, develop a taste for marmite, and turn up the Beatles or Spice Girls, whichever you prefer. We may not be as classy as James Bond, but hey, Austin Powers was loveable too, right?

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We’ll see you at Daytona. Cherio!