Dion von Molkte Partners with Aim Higher CrossFit

Dion von Molkte Partners with Aim Higher CrossFit

July 1, 2015 0

CORAL GABLES, Fla., (July 1, 2015) – Today American race car driver Dion von Moltke announced a new partnership with Aim Higher, a superior level of CrossFit, based in Coral Gables, Florida.

To those unfamiliar with sports car endurance racing, sitting in a cockpit may seem like a walk in the park, but the reality of the sport reveals race car drivers have to be in top physical condition to be successful in competition. It is not unusual for the cockpit of a race car to reach over 100 degrees on a normal day, in which a driver is expected to perform, using every muscle to maneuver the powerful machines around technical race courses, against strong G-forces. Competing at speeds well over 160 miles per hour, hand-eye coordination must also be at the highest level, as races are lost and mistakes can be made in thousandths of a second. For race car drivers, training is an essential part to developing endurance, strength, quick reflexes and coordination.

“I cannot be more excited to announce my new partnership with Aim Higher CrossFit here in the Miami area.” said von Moltke. “Their top tier facility provides me with all the tools I need to get better in the car, and their knowledgeable and friendly staff will keep me pushing hard and keep my form right during any exercise.”

Perfectly suited for the TUDOR Championship Audi race car driver, Aim Higher provides broad, inclusive programs to accommodate all abilities and experience levels. The 4,200 square foot facility hosts multiple classes with specialized trainers and utilizes professional equipment like barbells, a weightlifting platform, multifunctional racks, gymnastics and jump ropes.

“We are very glad to have Dion as part of our Aim Higher Family, our programming will definitively enhance Dion’s overall fitness and performance through our three progressive phases,” said Thiago Oliveira, co-owner of Aim Higher. “Phase one, proper warm up through the use of foam rollers, PVC pipes and mini bands, will greatly increase his mobility. Phase two, strength/skills, will target large muscles to build a solid foundation on Dion’s strength. Phase three, the metabolic conditioning ‘WOD’ will enable Dion to manage better long and exhausting races, increasing his accuracy and attention in stressful situations.”

In addition to specialized training, Aim Higher offers the public mobility classes, injury prevention warm ups, and Olympic weightlifting, cardio and CrossFit classes. Open seven days a week, Aim Higher provides eight class options each day.

“Being a professional athlete is so much more than a quick game, race or match,” said von Moltke. “It’s a lifestyle that takes serious amounts of discipline and specialists to help you meet your goals. I look forward to sharing my journey of becoming a better athlete at Aim Higher CrossFit with everyone!”

Dion von Moltke
Dion von Moltke has built his career in North American sports car racing on a solid foundation of international Karting and Formula Car racing. The 24 year old started racing karts at age 13, and went on to win several championships at the local and state level before moving up to the National and International level, participating in World championship Karting events in Italy. Since 2008, Dion has steadily progressed through several professional racing series, earning multiple wins in Skip Barber, Grand-Am, and American Le Mans Series. Dion is also a driver instructor, focusing on all aspects of peak performance, and has developed a coaching program called “Perform 360”.  

Aim Higher CrossFit 
Aim Higher CrossFit is committed to delivering the HIGHEST STANDARDS in coaching, equipment and facility. Our mission is to deliver a SAFE and EFFECTIVE exercise program. Our Head Coach has more than 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE working with all kinds of individuals from recreational to high schoolers, college and professional athletes . We are ready to accomodate all kinds of individuals on our exercise regimen. The facility offers all the amenities of a PREMIUM BOX compared to traditional CrossFit boxes: a great variety of classes through a very flexible schedule, be ready for a great CUSTOMER SERVICE experience provided by our HIGHLY KNOWLEDGEABLE coaches and helpful staff, are all committed to helping you ACHIEVE your goals quickly and safely. For more information, visit www.aimhighercrossfit.com


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