The Bru Crew

Race fans are the consumers that teams, sponsors, race series, and brands want to connect with. With every race season, our goal is to be an industry leader in genuine fan interaction. We’re proud of the community we’ve come to know and build on through the years. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a look at what our fans have to say about our efforts.

“KBru performs a crucial task of converting first time visitors and casual fans into avid fans of her teams and drivers. The tours provide an introduction, but the social media engagement between events is key to connecting to the teams and series. Kelly provides candid analysis and personal response to fans making them feel part of the team.”

Steven S.

“Kelly does a terrific job getting the fans up close with the teams. Her meet-ups at the team paddock give the fans an opportunity to see the cars up close, get a behind the scenes look at the race from team owners/managers, and meet the drivers in an interactive environment. This gets the fans even more invested in the teams and fosters team loyalty.”

Dennis B.

“For racing fans, the closer we can get to the cars and teams, the better. Whether it’s taking us among the cars and crew with garage tours at the track, or posting updates to social media, KBru Communications’ fan-friendly PR for groups like Flying Lizard has kept me invested in the teams, and in the sport in general.”

Kyle Z.

“KBru Comm is by far and away the leader in social media interaction with the fans. The information is timely and it always helps to tell the story of a race weekend. Sportscar racing in particular can be very complex and KBru Comm fills in the gaps that traditional broadcast coverage either glosses over or misses. Through the use of Twitter, live video, Instagram, and Facebook I always feel like I have a better understanding of how the race is going for the different KBru Comm clients.”

Anthony F.

“Living in Switzerland, I only get the chance to attend a few races per season, so when I do, I try to maximize my fan experience the best possible way. It’s always cool to attend some giveaways with merchandise from teams or sponsors to bring home some cool racing stuff! I also collect the hero cards (ESM and Flying Lizard always has some very cool ones and some stickers too!) Kelly is wonderful with the fans! And big thanks to her as when I am watching a race from home, following the teams on Twitter, I know exactly what’s going on literally at the second it happens! She is doing a superb job keeping the fans posted! Thank you Kelly!”

Cheryl M.

“When is comes to fan engagement, KBru Communications sets the standard. No other PR firm thinks about the fan experience first and works from there, instead of vice-versa. The level of involvement created for the fans is unsurpassed. I cannot help but become a fan of the teams and drivers KBru represents, as I have better access to them than any other.”

Anthony G.

“This year I had the opportunity to go to COTA and watch the PWC race. This was great for me because two of my favorite teams would be there one of which is Flying Lizard Motorsports. I was expecting just the normal snag a few pictures from behind the ropes experience which is pretty common in the paddocks. Boy was I in for a surprise, the Flying Lizard Motorsports group with a lot of help from Kelly on the PR side was amazing! They let the fans get up close and personal with the cars and the drivers as well as a hauler tour given by Kelly herself! It was a really great thing to do and helped connect the team with their fans on a much better level than the normal autograph sessions. We also get to have great communication through social media which is something I wish more teams would grab hold of to connect with their fan base.”

Sean R.

“I have been a fan of motorsports since way back when my Brother in-law did corner work for SCCA in the late 70’s. I really just loved seeing the cars, and hearing the sounds! My first experience with KBru Communications was a few years ago. I followed on Twitter and got a follow back! I read the tweets, got info on teams and drivers; followed, got some more follows back. Once I knew who was behind the checkered flag, I looked for Kelly at the track. I wanted to meet the person who helped me meet my heroes behind the wheel. We have met directly via garage tours, interactions at events and become friends in real life. Now whenever I go to a race, I don’t just look forward to seeing the cars, but seeing all the friends I have made from being part of the BruCrew.”

Jonathan P.

“As a long time IMSA fan and ESM fan, I always enjoy their outreach to the fans. While I don’t make many races as I would like, I always feel like I’m caught up with the team via their social media. The timely updates during the race are excellent, as other than the odd mention, TV coverage seems to miss a lot of the ESM story on race weekend. I won a signed hero card which was mailed to me. While it will never be the same as being at the race, the fact that all the fans can feel like we are part of the action. Although the prototypes are a world-class series, the fan experience with ESM makes it feel like a small track, family-run team experience. KBru does a great job of keeping me up to speed and engaged with the team!”

Martin M.

“I met Kelly in 2013 when she was working with Falken Tire and their ALMS program. I’d won one of her garage tour contests. At the time, nobody else was doing something like this. It was a new and unique way to connect the team and therefore brands with fans. I’d put Falken tires on my car from there on until they withdrew support. I have always supported those that support racing. Without a doubt, getting down to the level of the most casual, or hardcore fan and developing a relationship, and a presence cannot be overstated. Kelly, and her team at KBru Communications do that without hesitation, and do it incredibly well. If I was fortunate enough to need PR services, I’d look no further.”

Ryan Z.

“KBru really has great ideas on how to get the fans as close to the teams as possible. The giveaways, contests, garage/pit tours, & tweet-ups add an element that keeps fans hooked for years beyond. I was lucky enough to win lunch with the Falken Tire drivers on Twitter contest, and still follow Bryan Sellers and Wolf Henzler to this day. This active engagement with the teams is a great way to build fan support.”

Michael D.

“Access to teams separates sportscar racing from most other forms of motorsports. However, some teams, like Flying Lizard go beyond others by having garage tours for fans. Drivers, engineers and other team personnel are all available to answer fan questions. And at VIR I was lucky enough to win an autographed race tire. The looks on children’s faces sitting in the race cars are priceless.”

Randy B.

“I can always tell when KBru Communications is in charge of PR for a team, and I tend to gravitate towards those teams. I know that they will be fan-friendly, between the stickers and garage tours, as well as extremely interactive social media with giveaways and a plethora of information. All this makes teams very easy to follow, and makes me want to cheer them on during race day!”

Max R.

“I discovered KBru Communications when a friend retweeted using #BruCrew. Since then, KBru Communications has become a primary source for team news and race updates. The ability to interact with teams and drivers is important. I am able to connect with other fans. Through KBru Communications we gain a behind the scene look into racing.”

Eric T.

“Several years ago, KBru Comm was kind enough to send a box full of Falken goodies for a Porsche club rally event we held here in LA. That single event bought years of loyalty to Falken in our house and I’ve followed you and your clients ever since.”

Kevin S.