Sports car Public Relations

An Industry leader in interactive, informative, and purpose-driven public relations

Media Relations

Through press releases, interviews, and other traditional forms of media, we provide our clients with the connections and opportunities necessary to consistently utilize a well-rounded, informative, and positive media program.


Social Media

KBru Comm uses purpose driven social media to keep messaging dynamic, fun, and informative for our clients. Often imitated, but never duplicated, we strive to constantly remain on the forefront of motorsports digital outreach, building long term relationships.


Fan Interaction

We set ourselves apart from other PR agencies by putting a strong focus on connecting to race fans and building long lasting connections. Through VIP tours, constant social media interaction, giveaways, and more, we invest in each fan to create a unique community to support your brands.



Not all programs are in need of a full public relations program. Sometimes all that’s needed is a little guidance. With over 20 years of experience in motorsports, KBru Comm is available to provide consulting to best suit your brand’s goals.








Public Relations is our Passion

Making genuine connections is what we do. We believe public relations are based on a brand on interacting with the world, not presenting to it.

We handle the creation and implementation of public relations programs so that our brands can focus on the day to day operations of their programs. Please take a look around and contact us if you think we’d be a good fit for you!

What Past Clients Say

“KBru Communications displayed the ability to convey not only the overall marketing message of what was happening with our program to the masses but demonstrated the importance of connecting with the individual fan to develop life long followers.”

Kevin Jones
ALMS Supervisor, FalkenTire

“Our experience with KBru Communications has been nothing but positive. Their professionalism is second to none and they have raised our social media presence to levels that we would have unable to achieve without their assistance. We would recommend their services to anyone who is interested in creating a public relations presence.”

Gregg Borland
Owner, ArmsUp Motorsports

“KBru Comm has helped me give the fans the opportunity of getting insight behind the scenes at the track with me over social media, which in turn has helped my social media following continue to grow at a fast rate. Kelly is a creative person and a hard worker which is the perfect combination to help build an athletes brand and help them achieve their PR goals.”

Dion von Moltke

Don’t wait. Now accepting clients in IMSA and SRO America for 2024.

The Bruery

Racing is more than a sport. It’s a business,  driven by the people. Through our pieces on the Bruery, we want to share some of the behind the scenes elements that make this sport unique. We also believe in sharing what we’ve learned along the way to help others hoping to work in motorsports.

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Stay in Your Lane: Why Does Everything Have to Have a Protest?

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